(1st PPP Medical College In India under National Medical Commission Act )
    Supervised under Niti Aayog Approved By National Medical Commission
    Affiliated Teaching Hospital - Bolpur Sub-divisional Hospital
    (An initiative under PPP model with Government of West Bengal)
    Affiliated by West Bengal University Of Health Sciences
    Accredited by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India
    & Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal.

  • Teaching Staff

    Department wise list of Faculty Members

    Department Name of the Faculty Qualification Registration No Designation Nature of Employment
    ANATOMY Prof. (Dr.) Swapan Bhattacharjee (HOD) MBBS, MS WBMC - 38787 PROFESSOR Regular
    Prof. (Dr.) Abhijit Roy MBBS/MD/DCH WBMC - 41522 Regular
    Prof. (Dr.) Provas Banerjee MBBS, MS, PhD. WBMC - 42287 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Regular
    Prof. (Dr.) Subhramoy Chaudhury MBBS, MD WBMC - 59844
    Dr. Shantanu Chakraborty MBBS, MD WBMC - 54414 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Srijit Narayan Chaudhuri MBBS, MD WBMC - 54771 Regular
    Dr. Anujit Kulavi MBBS, MD WBMC - 67201 Regular
    Dr. Agnimitra Roy MBBS, MD WBMC - 71110 SENIOR RESIDENT Regular
    PHYSIOLOGY Prof. (Dr.) Achyut Ghosal (HOD) MBBS, MD WBMC - 38883 PROFESSOR Regular
    Prof. (Dr.) Arup Bandyopadhyay MBBS, MD WBMC - 37156 Regular
    Dr. Subhasis Mukherjee MBBS, MD WBMC - 61447 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Soham Sanyal MBBS, MD WBMC - 65709 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Ayan Goswami MBBS, MD WBMC - 64641 Regular
    Dr. Akash Ghosh Roy MBBS, MD WBMC - 67624 Regular
    Dr. Gautam Banerjee MBBS, MD WBMC - 66060 Regular
    BIOCHEMISTRY Prof. (Dr.) Tridibeswar Mandal (HOD) MBBS, MD WBMC - 42396 PROFESSOR Regular
    Prof. (Dr.) Sandip Ghosh BSC, MSC, PhD ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Bedabrata Mukhopadhyay MBBS, MD WBMC - 66899 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Bilas Kumar Sarkar MBBS, MD WBMC - 59996 Regular
    Dr. Kamala Kanta Parhi BAMS, MSC APUHS - 11065001 Regular
    Dr. Brijendra Sing Hindolia BSC, MSC - Regular
    Dr. Aniket Paul MBBS, MD WBMC - 70788 Regular
    Dr. Sudarshan Chakraborty MBBS, MD WBMC - 69606 SENIOR RESIDENT Regular
    PHARMACOLOGY Prof. (Dr.) Ranendra Kumar Roy (HOD) MBBS, MD WBMC - 37064 PROFESSOR Regular
    Prof. (Dr.) Sidhartha Ghosh MBBS, MD WBMC - 64729 Regular
    Dr. Agnik Pal MBBS, MD WBMC - 64586 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Anal Jyoti Ghosh MBBS, MD WBMC - 71070 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Arijit Ghosh MBBS, MD WBMC - 70848 Regular
    Dr. Sharmin Khan MBBS, MD WBMC - 69463 Regular
    Dr. Neeladri Majumder MBBS, MD WBMC - 68394 Regular
    Dr. Sugoto Dutta MBBS WBMC - 65716 SENIOR RESIDENT Regular
    PATHOLOGY Prof. (Dr.) Nandita Basu (HOD) MBBS, MD WBMC - 39045 PROFESSOR Regular
    Prof. (Dr.) Sulekha Ghosh MBBS, MD WBMC - 41135 Regular
    Dr. Rajarshi Bhattacharya MBBS, MD WBMC - 73292 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Md. Ehtesham MBBS, MD WBMC - 68584 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Mousumi Kar MBBS, MD WBMC - 63017 Regular
    Dr. Arkadeep Paul MBBS, MD WBMC - 70240 Regular
    Dr. Prerana Mondal MBBS, MD WBMC - 70606 Regular
    Dr. Bedarshi Banerjee MBBS,MD,DNB WBMC - 67299 Regular
    Dr. Arindam Das MBBS, MD WBMC - 64631 SENIOR RESIDENT Regular
    Dr. Soumya Kundu MBBS, MD WBMC - 71162 Regular
    Dr. Arnab Sarkar MBBS, MD WBMC - 66271 Regular
    Dr. Srimanti Lahiri MBBS, MD WBMC - 57977 Regular
    Dr. Soumya Kanti Paramanik MBBS, MD WBMC - 69878 Regular
    MICROBIOLOGY Prof. (Dr.) Pratip Kumar Kundu (HOD) MBBS, MD WBMC - 40192 PROFESSOR Regular
    Prof. (Dr.) Kumar Jyoti Ghosh MBBS, MD WBMC - 44193 Regular
    Prof. (Dr.) Bharati Ghosh MBBS, MD WBMC - 44684 Regular
    Dr. Saswati Banerjee MBBS, MD WBMC - 41733 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Nilofar Rana Shams MBBS, MD WBMC - 68585 Regular
    Dr. Indraneel Saha MBBS, MD WBMC - 66976 Regular
    Dr. Sourav Pal MBBS, MD WBMC - 69578 Regular
    Dr. Mohana Chakraborty MBBS, MD WBMC - 89059 Regular
    Dr. Arpit Kumar Saha MBBS, MD WBMC - 71483 Regular
    Dr. Progya Rani MBBS, MD WBMC - 79764 SENIOR RESIDENT Regular
    FORENSIC MEDICINE Prof. (Dr.) Sobhan Kumar Das(HOD) MBBS, MD WBMC - 42137 PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Joydeep Khan MBBS, MD WBMC - 70459 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Koushik Roy MBBS, MD WBMC - 71815 SENIOR RESIDENT Regular
    COMMUNITY MEDICINE Prof. (Dr.) Gautam Narayan Sarkar (PRINCIPAL) MBBS, MD WBMC - 41464 PROFESSOR Regular
    Prof. (Dr.) Shyama Prasad Mitra MBBS, MD WBMC - 39845 Regular
    Prof. (Dr.) Ramendra Narayan Chaudhuri (HOD) MBBS, MD WBMC - 39299 Regular
    Dr. Sashti Narayan Chakraborty MBBS, MD WBMC - 65061 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Ditipriya Bhar MBBS, MD WBMC - 64711 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Rajesh De MBBS, MD WBMC - 68407 Regular
    Dr. Rama Pramanik MBBS, MD WBMC - 66855 Regular
    Dr. Ram Narayan Mondal MSW, DHE - Regular
    Dr. Saugat Banerjee MBBS, MD WBMC - 61817 Regular
    Dr. Niladri Banerjee MBBS, MD WBMC - 69334 Regular
    Dr. Sourav Lo MBBS, MD WBMC - 66270 SENIOR RESIDENT Regular
    Dr. Soham Saha MBBS, MD WBMC - 66668 Regular
    Dr. Pradip Kumar Ghoshal MBBS, MD WBMC - 67573 Regular
    Dr.Ritaban Guha BSC, MSC STRTISTICIAN Regular
    GENERAL MEDICINE Prof. Dr. Somnath Dasgupta (HOD) MBBS, MD WBMC - 39644 PROFESSOR Regular
    Prof. (Dr.) Chanchal Kumar Jana MBBS, MD WBMC - 37963 Regular
    Prof. (Dr.) Bibhuti Bhushan MBBS, MD WBMC - 15620 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Debojyoti Swarnakar MBBS WBMC - 69036 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Sarafat Hossain MBBS, MD WBMC - 69925 Regular
    Dr. Suddhasatwya Chatterjee MBBS, DNB WBMC - 60561 Regular
    Dr. Chaube Anand Akhilesh MBBS, DNB MMC – 2018/05/1838 SENIOR RESIDENT Regular
    Dr. Titas Moulik - - JUNIOR RESIDENT Regular
    PAEDIATRICS Prof. (Dr.) Kripasindhu Chatterjee (HOD) MBBS, DCH, MD WBMC - 46987 PROFESSOR Regular
    Prof. (Dr.) Pradyut Kumar Mandal MBBS, MD WBMC - 44078 Regular
    Prof. (Dr.) Madhusmita Sengupta MBBS, MD WBMC - 39768 Regular
    Dr. Sonali Ghosh MBBS, MD WBMC - 65760 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Soumalya Kundu MBBS, DNB WBMC - 68179 Regular
    Dr. Mandira Roy MBBS, DNB WBMC - 68403 Regular
    Dr. Subhopriya Chakraborty MBBS,DNB WBMC - 756111 SENIOR RESIDENT Regular
    Dr. Nandan Rudra MBBS WBMC - 67372 Regular
    DERMATOLOGY Prof. (Dr.) Subhas Chandra Nag MBBS, MD WBMC - 38969 PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Soumajyoti Sarkar MBBS, MD WBMC - 70615 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Animesh Biswas MBBS, MD WBMC - 53186 Regular
    Dr. Abhijit Chattopadhyay MBBS, MD WBMC - 64448 SENIOR RESIDENT Regular
    Dr. Kaliprasanna Chatterjee MBBS, MD WBMC - 62223 SENIOR RESIDENT Regular
    Dr. Sourav Chakraborty MBBS,MD,DNB WBMC - 66338 Regular
    Dr. Nazrul Islam Molla MBBS WBMC - 88705 JUNIOR RESIDENT Regular
    PSYCHIATRY Prof. (Dr.) Dilip Kumar Mondal MBBS, MD WBMC - 42562 PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Aneek Saha MBBS, MD MCI - 1138456 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Sourish Karmakar MBBS, MD WBMC - 73255 Regular
    Dr. Arijit Mondal MBBS, MD WBMC - 67259 Regular
    Dr. Ankit Halder MBBS, MD WBMC - 78041 SENIOR RESIDENT Regular
    Dr. Satrajit Ghoshal MBBS, MD WBMC - 72712 Regular
    GENERAL SURGERY Prof.(Dr.) Nirjhar Bhattacharya (HOD) MBBS, MS WBMC - 43921 PROFESSOR Regular
    Prof. (Dr.) Parthasarathi Giri MBBS, BDS, DNB WBMC - 38980 Regular
    Prof. (Dr.) Probhas Kumar Sarkar MBBS, MS WBMC - 41448 Regular
    Dr. Subhasis Saha MBBS, MS WBMC - 55861 ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Suvro Ganguly MBBS, MS WBMC - 57076 Regular
    Dr. Sagnik Nandy MBBS, MS WBMC - 64947 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Krishna Kumar Talukdar MBBS, MS WBMC - 39190 Regular
    Dr. Ashwendu Vijaykumar Bhowate MBBS, MS WBMC - 85914 Regular
    Dr. Atanu Sengupta MBBS, MS WBMC - 70008 SENIOR RESIDENT Regular
    Dr. Tathagata Ghosh MBBS, MS WBMC - 54840 Regular
    Dr. Ayishi Mitra MBBS WBMC - 88854 JUNIOR RESIDENT Regular
    ORTHOPAEDICS Prof. (Dr.) Bijoy Bhattacharjya (HOD) MBBS, MS WBMC - 40618 PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Kiran Shankar Roy MBBS, DNB WBMC - 74127 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Sudipta Biswas
    Dr. Anirban De MBBS, MS WBMC - 65252 SENIOR RESIDENT Regular
    Dr. Biraj Biswas MBBS WBMC - 84663 JUNIOR RESIDENT
    Dr. Aniruddha Mukherjee MBBS, MS WBMC - 69029 SENIOR RESIDENT Regular
    Dr. Lata Keshkar MBBS, MS MPMC - 1231 Regular
    OBSTETRICS & GYNAECOLOGY Prof. (Dr.) Samir Kumar Hazra (MSVP) MBBS, MD WBMC - 38784 PROFESSOR Regular
    Prof. (Dr.) Amit Dutta MBBS, DGO, MD WBMC - 46259 Regular
    Prof. (Dr.) Arup Kumar Maji MBBS, MD WBMC - 42754 Regular
    Prof. Pradip Kumar Banerjee MBBS,MD WBMC - 42345 Regular
    Dr. Saba Johar MBBS,MS,DGO AMU - 44688 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Souradeep Sadhu MBBS, DNB WBMC - 71293 Regular
    Dr. Deblina Chowdhury MBBS, DNB WBMC - 75730 SENIOR RESIDENT Regular
    Dr. Manjir Mitra MBBS, MS WBMC - 71444 Regular
    Dr. Souptik Gangopadhyay MBBS, MS WBMC - 67977 Regular
    Dr. Monalisa Sarkar MBBS JUNIOR RESIDENT
    ANESTHESIOLOGY Prof (Dr.) Sudakshina Chattopadhyay (Mukherjee) (HOD) MBBS, MD WBMC - 40165 PROFESSOR Regular
    Prof (Dr.) Bhabananda Mukhopadhyay MBBS, MD WBMC - 38864 Regular
    Dr. Shadab Raheel MBBS,MD AMU - 17604 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Sudeshna Mondal MBBS, MD WBMC - 69645 Regular
    Dr. Manish De MBBS, MD WBMC - 69704 Regular
    Dr. Nilakshi Patra MBBS, MD WBMC - 63205 SENIOR RESIDENT Regular
    Dr. Shivsundar Chakraborty MBBS, MD TNMC - 131431 Regular
    RADIO-DIAGNOSIS Prof (Dr.) Madan Karmakar MBBS, MD WBMC - 42187 PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Ramudar Singh MBBS WBMC - 71232 SENIOR RESIDENT
    Dr. Sougata Chatterjee BDS, MDS WBDC - 2082 Regular
    Dr. Beas Basu BDS WBDC - 2800A JUNIOR RESIDENT
    EMERGENCY MEDICINE Prof (Dr.) Krishna Kamal De (HOD) MBBS, MS WBMC - 39754 PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Sk Nabinewas MBBS, MS WBMC - 71283 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR Regular
    Dr. Anindya Sarbadhikari MBBS, DNB WBMC - 51101 Regular
    Dr. Biswajit Mondal MBBS, MS WBMC - 70743 SENIOR RESIDENT Regular
    Dr. Arnab Biswas MBBS, MS WBMC - 71066 Regular
    Dr. Samiran Biswas MBBS, MS WBMC - 71164 Regular
    Dr. Supratim Banerjee MBBS, MD WBMC - 69642 Regular
    CARDIOLOGY Dr. Saikh Sahidul Islam MBBS, MD, DM WBMC - 42253 PROFESSOR