(1st PPP Medical College In India under National Medical Commission Act )
    Supervised under Niti Aayog Approved By National Medical Commission
    Affiliated Teaching Hospital - Bolpur Sub-divisional Hospital
    (An initiative under PPP model with Government of West Bengal)
    Affiliated by West Bengal University Of Health Sciences
    Accredited by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India
    & Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal.

  • Department of Nutrition and Dietetics
    Nutrition and Dietetics
    Department of Nutrition and Dietetics
    About Nutrition and Dietetics

    Dietetics and nutrition is a discipline that decides the appropriateness of foods during the life cycle and makes adjustments as required during illness. Nutrition is critical to treat the diabetic patient in order to provide right medicationsand a healthy diet. Department of Nutrition and Dietetics provides comprehensive nutritional treatment to patients of obesity and weight management disorders. The purpose is to keep a high-quality dietary service that caters to each patient's individual requirements.

    Ourdietician provides lifestyle counseling, menu planning, and personalized diet chart for a balanced diet. Counselling forms the major tool for disseminating the dietetic information to indoor and outdoor patients. The Dietetics Department offers services throughout the hospital and our department organizes seminars to educate public for integrative approach to patient treatment.

    Purpose of Nutrition and Dietetics Department

    • • Prevent or reverse nutritional deficiencies
    • • Preserve lean body mass
    • • Help patient better tolerate treatment
    • • Minimize nutrition related side effects and complication
    • • Maintain strength and energy
    • • Protect immune function and decrease the risk of infection
    • • Aid in recovery and healing
    • • Maximize the quality of life