(1st PPP Medical College In India under National Medical Commission Act )
    Supervised under Niti Aayog Approved By National Medical Commission
    Affiliated Teaching Hospital - Bolpur Sub-divisional Hospital
    (An initiative under PPP model with Government of West Bengal)
    Affiliated by West Bengal University Of Health Sciences
    Accredited by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India
    & Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of West Bengal.

  • Bio-Chemistry
    Department of Bio-Chemistry
    About Bio-Chemistry

    Dept of Biochemistry at Santiniketan Medical College isn't another Biochemistry hub , lost among the runs and ruins of clinics, trying to find its feet somewhere , somehow and anyhow !

    This Department has its own show and substance -- acting at the roots of Medicine Pyramid, forming and framing the early minds coming with ambitions of becoming doctors without any idea -- what it means , what it minds ! .

    Biochemistry here is not about mindless structures, deadly path ways, listless memorisings, dull reproducings and joyful forgetting as the semester-end examination closes ! .

    It is about acting as The Tool Box of Medicine -- all possible ways -- opening and dissecting both normal & abnormal -- both health & disease in their molecular events , while keeping track of syllabus , surroundings and required commitments , senses and deliver deliverables . .

    That is about UG Academics .

    For additional interested medical minds -- interested to ask questions to the molecules , cells and system -- Particular areas with interest would be -- Ischemic (Life style) Diseases , their molecular pathologies, early predictive diagnostics, controlled reperfusion as an alternate mode of therapy , low-mol-wtangiogens and their realities and such topics of common interests with other clinical and non-clinical areas . .

    Last and most profound -- for an ambitious Medical College -- at this juncture , in the current social setup will be to become a viable hub for continuous upgrading of rural medical setup -- both for the common man and the rural practitioners to keep them aware about developments happening around.

    Current Corona infection has shown us the importance of being real and remaining real -- wherever we are , doing whatever .

    Biochemistry here , tries to lead the Bloc -- and , is not another Dept by Dictation .

    Phone : ++913463351013
    Email : biochemistry@smcbangla.com / hodbiochemistry@smcbangla.com